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Every business is different & Bookkeeping is unique to each one. There are many decisions to be made in determining your companies needs. How your books are presented can help you analyze those needs. Oregon Coast Bookkeeping will help you each step along the way. We will recommend the appropriate processes for your situation & create a tailored bookkeeping system to meet your needs. We are dedicated to making it as painless, professional & affordable as possible.

Cost of Payroll

Payroll Processing
$45.00 per
Example: if your payroll is 2x per month your fee would be $90.00
Price Per check

$2.00 per check /per processing


Example: if you have 10 employees it would be $20.00 per processing


Tax filing


per quarter

$5.00 per w-2


This includes the cost of forms 

Other fees if applicable

Direct Deposit $2.00 per employee Garnishments $10.00 per one

New Hire $10.00 per one


Contract Labor

$25.00 for setup & first 1099 and annual 1096

$5.00 per each additional

1099 form

Includes forms

and postage

Client Confidentiality and Company Policy

Every employee hired by Oregon Coast Bookkeeping is required to go through a background check and sign a confidentiality agreement.

We do not sell or share personal or company information with anyone unless it is requested by you in writing. Our main server is password protected and only accessible through our own LAN. We will not do anything that is deceptive, evasive, or unethical that may hurt someone else, avoid taxes, fees, etc. There are enough ways to analyze and receive deductions if you do proper bookkeeping throughout the year to maximize your deductions. If you ask us to do anything that is inappropriate or illegal in the processing of your books, we will cease services and demand payment immediately. We do not sign checks. We never want to be put in a position that may cause our integrity to come into question. Signing your own checks makes it so you can see everything that is going out the door. We do not want full online access to your bank account. There are many ways to work with banks these days and it is not necessary for any bookkeeper or accountant to have full online access to your accounts. Most banks offer a view only, so we can get the information we need without needing full access to your accounts.


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